Custom Orthotics & Bracing


Chiropodists are one of the only regulated health care professionals in Ontario that are trained specifically to assess and to analyze foot function and to prescribe orthotic devices.

Are Custom Orthotics For You?

  • Do your feet feel tired at the end of the day?
  • Do you suffer from lower back, knee and/or hip pain?
  • Do you wear the soles of your footwear out on any one side?
  • Do you stand on hard surfaces?
  • Do you have heel pain?
  • Do you have painful calluses, corns, hammer toes or bunions?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you may benefit from an assessment at our clinic.


At the Grey-Bruce FOOT CLINIC, we provide a comprehensive one hour biomechanical assessment, stance and gait analysis to determine if custom orthotics are an appropriate treatment regime to address your foot problem.

Please bring along shorts, t-shirt or loose fitting clothing, footwear including work shoes that you are currently using and/or planning to use if orthotic management is prescribed by your chiropodist.

We use a 3D volumetric Plaster of Paris casting impression of your feet while holding them in their best “functioning” position. As no two feet are the same, that goes for your orthotics as well. At the Grey-Bruce FOOT CLINIC, your chiropodist will determine the best functional or accommodative orthotic choice for your feet, utilizing a variety of different material choices and styles to enable your orthotic prescription to meet and maximize your individual foot’s biomechanical needs.

How often do you think about your feet? The foot is one of the most ignored and abused parts of the body, yet it supports the entire body! We tend to only think about our feet when they start to hurt and impact our daily lives. Poor foot structure can result in abnormal walking, foot instability and abnormal pressure areas. Theses foot conditions, which are numerous, can affect children, adults, athletes and the elderly. Early detection of incorrect foot function through orthotic therapy and good footwear can prevent long term painful problems. Orthotics can provide support, comfort and stability resulting in the relief of pain and fatigue in the arches, balls and heels of the feet. Orthotics have proven beneficial for symptom relief of leg, knee and lower back pain, injury prevention and biomechanical performance.

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The Grey-Bruce FOOT CLINIC offers custom Richie Bracing. The Richie Brace® is a new alternative to traditional ankle braces. This articulated ankle foot orthoses (AFO’s) is light-weight and offers patients treatment options for chronic conditions such as Arthritis of the foot and ankle, flat feet and foot drop.